If you would like to get a taste of Windows 8 before it comes out, a dev over at XDA has created a Metro UI theme that will work on any Honeycomb or Ice Cream Sandwich based Android tablet. This theme is effectively a functioning replica of the Windows 8 aesthetics and more. How is that for cross-platform creativity?

BroBot175 is the creator of this eclectic fusion of Android and Windows 8. It is still in beta so it sill needs some tweaking, but over-all it is a pretty solid and complete package. Here's a quote from the TalkAndroid article with a few details,

Just like any other theme you simply flash in ClockworkMod Recovery and will then have to transfer over the tile images to get started. Set-up can take a while because you have to plot out every single tile using Desktop Visualizer widgets but if you follow the devs step by step instructions you should have no problems at all. So for those of you who like to customize the look of your device and want something completely different than the ICS or Honeycomb layout, you really should check this theme out!
Head over to the XDA source link below, and sound off in the forums if you have tried this and what you think of it.

Incidentally, I know we all love Android, but we can always appreciate good tech when we see it. So, if any of you guys are potentially interested in checking out Windows 8 tablets in the future, we have a sister-site dedicated to them @ WindowsTabletForum.com.

Source: TalkAndroid and XDA