Even though most of the specs of the Galaxy S III are supposedly finalized, it appears that the design heads over at Samsung are still doing final design tweaks for the new flagship device. The SGS3 hardware was sent over to the different networks about two months ago. However, the testing prototype was dressed in a “lunch box” style disguise to prevent leaks of the final looks of the device. From what industry intel suggests, that is also because they have only just now decided what the finalized physical and virtual buttons will be on the phone.

The reports indicate that they finally decided that the SGS3 will have an actual physical home button, unlike the Galaxy Nexus. Furthermore, the phone will likely have five columns of virtual buttons like the Galaxy Note. It would seem that Samsung may be obsessing about relatively minor details, but that is actually commendable because it means they want to pay attention to every detail.

Still, how many of you folks just want to get this superphone in your hands as quickly as possible, and don't give a rat's butt about how many virtual buttons are on the home page?

Source: SlashGear