It seems the tech-lords over at xda are at it again working miracles. Using an alpha build of CyanogenMod7, they have successfully ported Gingerbread to a MyTouch 4G.

Here's a quote from Talkandroid, "XDA member option94 posted the first build and now he and Thatguy32404 have begun compiling builds from Team Douche’s source tree. Mind you, these are only alpha builds and as such, you are risking turning your phone into an expensive paperweight. You should have experience with flashing, booting, and the like before trying out these builds for your MyTouch 4G."

If you are the lucky owner of a MyTouch 4G and don't mind the risk, here's a link to more info at xdadevelopers.

Source: Talkandroid
by dgstorm