You know the old saying that you can't look a gift-horse in the mouth? Well, as ugly as the new GPS Dongle is for the Asus Transformer Prime, you'll think you are staring at the other end of the horse, and wish you could stare at the mouth. Here are some leaked pics of the new Asus Transformer Prime's GPS dongle that should ship out soon. When connected, it takes up the same connection as the keyboard dock and the charging cables, and we are still unsure if it is possible to charge it or use the dock with the dongle attached.

While of course we should be appreciative that Asus will be shipping out the dongle to afflicted users for free, it's hard to be excited about a fix that completely wrecks the gorgeous looks (and potentially the functionality) of the T-Prime. Of course, maybe these leaked photos are fake and the real thing will be different. Share your thoughts.

Source: TransformerForums via AndroidPolice