We have several pieces of interesting Samsung Galaxy S III news for you today. We will hit you with the most interesting tidbit first. According to an insider source within Samsung, the security for the new SGS3 has been the tightest it has ever been for any product in the history of the company. Furthermore, this source indicated that the newest supposed leaked pics of the mythic device are nothing but generic test boxes. The source elaborated, "That's not even close to the final design. No leaks of the final design have been accurate." In fact, security is so tight that this source would/could not even confirm that the device will actually be called the Galaxy S III, and that Samsung is only using the phrase "next Galaxy" to describe what will be revealed on May 3rd.

The second morsel of SGS3 news is that another insider source (possibly the same one from above) supposedly confirmed for The Verge that this "next Galaxy" will indeed come with a quad-core Exynos processor. There had been some speculation that the next SGS3 would simply come with a more advanced dual-core Exynos, but if this intel turns out to be accurate, then Samsung opted for the four core instead (probably because the quad-core chips are getting all the marketing hype right now). Additionally, the source of this info indicated that this new chip will achieve "...superlative benchmark performance." Of course, we would expect no less from the next Galaxy successor.

Our third bit of news is really just a bit of "Sherlock Holmes-style" deductive investigating from a curious user. This amateur detective went to a lot of trouble to come to the conclusion that Samsung may still be heavily considering the simple but probably effective Samsung Galaxy S III name for this next device. Here's a quote from Phandroid with the details,

And, while there’s been some talk that the Samsung “Galaxy S III” title hasn’t been officially set it stone, one of our readers did a little sleuthing around and found an interesting late night tidbit on Samsung’s official site. Seems if you jump to SAMSUNG's Digital World the URL will be formatted and forwarded to a new address, in which the URL will eventually take you to the typical “Page Not Found” message. What’s interesting is that if you try something a little more crazy and totally off the wall, like http://www.samsung.com/galaxysyomomma you’ll notice that a new page is present but different from the previous one. No formatting. No forwarding. Nothing.

We’ve seen this little technique of vanity URL’s used in the past when trying to figure out if a device has been officially confirmed. Yes, I know this isn’t much to go on — if really anything at all — but at the very least we know Samsung is clearly considering going with the Galaxy S III title, and even has a URL already set up for it. Still, it’s very possible they could go with “the next Galaxy” or even “Galaxy III,” all will be revealed come May 3rd. In the meantime, sweet GSIII dreams, my friends.
This last bit of "rumint" seems to be the shakiest of all, but is still worth pondering. What do you guys think of all this nebulous data?

Source: TheVerge and Phandroid