It seems that NVIDIA is not sitting still with their mobile chip development, and that's not surprising considering they have companies like Qualcomm, Samsung and now even Intel in a race with them. We have a couple pieces of information to share with you guys. First, NVIDIA is going to have a product refresh before they come out with the Tegra 4. Their general manager, Mike Rayfield, indicated that they will soon release a Tegra 3+ chip and a Tegra 3+ LTE. "In the third quarter we'll start to see numerous models that are LTE shipped with Tegra 3," Rayfield said. He also indicated that the chip will not be called the Tegra 3+ but, "it'll be high performance. It's a pretty significant bump."

The second morsel of news out of NVIDIA hints even more at their plans to integrate more advanced technologies into their mobile chipsets. In fact, their plan is to have a Tegra device out that will perform equivalent to or better than an Xbox 360 by 2014. You can check out the graph above for their expected timeline. So, what do you guys think of this? Can you envision your phone or tablet device replacing your gaming console?

Source: Anandtech and TechnoBuffalo