Do you have friends or family members that are operating under the misconception that Android is harder to use than iOS? Are you tired of hearing them say, "My iPhone just works"?

Now you can shatter the myth that the iOS UI is easier to use, and help them make an informed decision. The above video is the first part in a series, and was put together by an astute Android fan. It clearly establishes that Ice Cream Sandwich does almost everything with less steps and less hassle than iOS does, and in fact, it "just works" better than iOS in almost all instances.

And, to be clear, the creator of this video is not an Android fanatic, nor does he hate Apple. In fact, he owns and still uses several different Apple products, including the new iPad.

We wanted to share this, not because we just wanted to bash on iOS, but to help dispel the false perception that iOS is objectively superior to Android. Only by sharing several viewpoints can we make educated choices with our eyes open. The next time you have a friend or family member that is slavishly devoted to iOS, point them to this article so they can at least see more of the whole picture.

Kudos to this videographer for creating this valuable teaching tool!