Could Samsung have finally slipped up with their "Pentagon level" (yes... that is meant to be a comedic exaggeration) security surrounding the imminent release of "the Next Galaxy" phone? Samsung recently released their newest Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012 app ahead of the May 3rd press event. The app is designed to help users going to the event with scheduling and other details to help keep the event organized and make things easier for attendees. On the front page descriptor of the app on the Google Play Store you can clearly see them reference the "galaxy s3 unpack."

Here's the quote taken from the page:

samsung mobile unpacked galaxy s3 unpack SAMSUNG MOBILE UNPACKED


View information about SAMSUNG MOBILE UNPACKED, Samsung mobile's new product launch event series. With this application, you can get access to the latest information on SAMSUNG MOBILE UNPACKED events at anytime and learn about new product launches before anyone else.
Hmmm... of course it would be far more surprising if they actually changed the name of the device to something other than the Galaxy S III, since that series has been such a "cash-cow" for them.

It could have been a mistake, or it could simply be a marketing teaser to get journalists to write more stories about their product. Sometimes I feel like a fish on a hook... <sigh>

Source: Google Play Store - Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012 App