We have another morsel of "intel" about the name of "the Next Galaxy," but it creates more questions than answers. The UK retailer, Carphone Warehouse, briefly had the phone on their website under the moniker, "Galaxy S3." It was reported this way over at SlashGear, and above is the pic confirming it. However, since then, the name on the site has changed to "the Next Galaxy" as Samsung has been calling the new flagship device for the last few weeks. The question remains... is this evidence that the SGS3 name is more or less likely to be the case? On the one hand, Carphone Warehouse could have just corrected it based upon finding out more accurate info. On the other hand, perhaps Samsung asked them to change it because they don't want that name being floated around.

Share your thoughts... will "the Next Galaxy" be called the Galaxy S III, or do you think it will have a different name completely? Also, if it has a different name, speculate as to what name it might have.

Source: SlashGear and Carphone Warehouse