A rumored Facebook phone is in the limelight again. Off and on throughout last year we heard several rumors of an officially branded Facebook phone coming to the Android ecosystem. Many of the rumors suggested that HTC would be the manufacturer to get the device. Although an actual Facebook phone never actually materialized, HTC did come out with the HTC Salsa (pictured above) which did have a dedicated Facebook button. This new rumor suggests the same thing as the ones in the past however; that HTC will be making a fully integrated and official Facebook branded Android smartphone. Here's a quote with more details,

Reportedly, the Facebook handset will be launched in Q3 2012 “the earliest,” running an unspecified version of Android, and using a “platform exclusive to Facebook to enable and integrate all functions available on the social networking site.”
What do you guys think? If you are one of our many online social networking fans, share if you think an officially branded and integrated Facebook phone would pique your interest.

Source: UnwiredView