For fans of Minecraft who wanted to be able to play it on their mobile devices and do more than just mine, you will be happy to learn that a new update to the mobile version adds crafting to the game! Here's a breakdown of what is included with this version 0.3.0 update:
As you may remember with the last update for Minecraft – Pocket Edition we started to introduce the “Survival” aspects of the game (health, mobs, day/night). We knew that the next aspect of the game needed crafting. So let me present: Minecraft Advanced Touch Technology Interface System (MATTIS). MATTIS will make crafting on the touch screens a breeze

  • [1] First, fire up your inventory.
    [2] Click on Craft
    [3] Choose your category.
    [4] Choose the item you want to craft. DONE!

In addition to MATTIS we have also added more stuff:
  • Zombies have refined AI
  • Cows
  • Ducks
  • Description text of inventory items
Now you can practice your creative construction skills on your mobile device too!

Source: Mojang and Google Play Store - MineCraft Pocked Edition