Could this be a case of taking a marketing campaign too far? Apparently, Samsung hired a group of "mock" protestors to stand outside an Apple Store in Australia to try and get the iSheep to "Wake Up." At least, that is what they were chanting and it also happens to be the main and only message on an Australian-based Samsung sponsored website found here: Wake Up.

Up until now, Samsung's marketing campaign has been a subtle and humorous way to poke gentle fun at Apple fans. Now, things could be pushing the envelop on good taste. In fact, not only could this new marketing tactic be stepping over the line, it is ultimately a bit hypocritical. This very same cult-like culture of unbridled fandom with Apple is precisely what Samsung is trying to eventually create with their own products. Will they one day be hiring protestors to stand outside their own stores trying to get sSheep to "Wake Up"?

It is important to note that this particular campaign is a separate marketing gimmick created by an Australian marketing firm called Tongue, and that it is only going on in Australia, so far. Perhaps it's mostly harmless and humorous to see the lengths to which companies will go in order to lure customers away from the competition. Share your opinion.

Source: Android and Me