You lucky folk accross the pond will be able to pre-order a Samsung Galaxy S3 tomorrow. Three UK is giving a pretty sweet deal if you pre-order. You can reserve your very own Galaxy SIII for a monthly fee of £34, and includes all the data you can use.

Not only will Three start taking your money first thing tomorrow, May 4th, those who pre-order will get their name thrown into a drawing to win 1 of 26 Samsung Smart TVs. Not too sure what model they are giving away but if you have seen Samsungs new Smart TVs lately you know it’s gonna be pretty bad-ass.

Samsung Galaxy SIII – available to pre-order on Three from 4th May.
Samsung’s much anticipated smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy SIII, will be available to pre-order on Three from 4th May.
The Galaxy SIII will be available on The One Plan with all-you-can-eat data at £34 per month and with no upfront cost.
In addition, everyone that pre-orders the Samsung Galaxy SIII with Three before the 30th May will be automatically entered into a daily draw to win one of 26 brand new Samsung Smart TVs.
Nigel Field, director of devices at Three, said, “We can’t wait to bring Samsung’s amazing Galaxy SIII to Three, and we’re very proud to be one of their UK launch partners. With our high speed, award-winning network and market-leading all-you-can-eat data, we believe we can deliver the ultimate mobile internet experience to our customers with this phone.
“The Galaxy SII was one of the smartphones of 2011, and we’re expecting its successor, the Samsung Galaxy SIII, to be amongst 2012’s biggest mobile success stories.”
Customers can pre-order a Samsung Galaxy SIII by calling 0800 358 1799 from 9am tomorrow, or by visiting their local 3Store. They can register for updates and information about the Samsung Galaxy SIII at
Samsung Galaxy SIII on The One Plan
£34 per month
No upfront cost
All-you-can-eat data
2000 any network minutes
5000 Three-to-Three minutes
5000 texts
Tethering included

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