Our first CTIA story for today is really the last story of yesterday. Last night at the end of the first day of CTIA, there was a keynote roundtable discussion from several different CEO "heavyweights" in the industry. We will be breaking it up into several different smaller articles featuring some highlights from each of the leaders. Our first feature is on Dan Mead, President and CEO of Verizon Wireless. Mead had a few interesting perspectives to share about how things are going for Big Red in the industry. Here's a bullet-point highlight of the most important stuff:
  • He made it clear that the spectrum crunch is a very real problem, and Verizon needs more spectrum. He elaborated by sharing that LTE is a data hog. Verizon expects that by 2015 data usage will be 25-50x greater!
  • To deal with this "crunch" they are deploying new hardware and software technologies to mitigate the spectrum problem until more can be licensed.
  • Also, they are selling off their A&B block licenses because they don't want to tie it up when they are not going to be using it. (If others can use it, they want to do the right thing.)
  • Verizon plans to continue building out their infrastructure. Moving forward, they will continue to improve LTE.
  • They realize there is much work left to do, and they are committed to making the experience better for the customer.
That's the primary "gist" of what Mr. Mead had to say for Verizon. We will have a "wrap-up" article at the end.

There was one interesting side-note: Jim Kramer of "Mad Money" was the moderator of the discussion last night.

Source: CTIA Day One End of Day Keynote From Last Night Part 1: Dan Mead of Verizon