Our next keynote roundtable speaker was Phillip Humm, the T-Mobile CEO/President. He shared that T-Mobile is feeling the data crunch as well, and are striving to become a better competitor by investing in growth. Here's what he had to say:
  • People are consuming 146x more data on their network than they were 5 years ago, and T-Mobile is also delivering that data 100x faster than they were before.
  • In 2009 their average user was consuming 25MB/month. Today they are consuming 750MB/Month!
  • Although they couldn't release Q1 Financials yet, they are coming out this Thursday.
  • Since the AT&T deal fell through, they need to push ahead, so they are investing for growth in the long haul, and especially LTE.
  • Also, they are going to re-launch their brand. They will do so by offering affordability and cutting edge 4G LTE. They even poked fun at AT&T with their newest commercial (shown below).
The video got some laughs from the crowd, and during the roundtable with Ralph de la Vega, (President and CEO of AT&T Mobility), there was some good banter as well. One example was De la Vega mentioned that Humm was mistaking hardware (iphone) for network, which drew a chuckle from the crowd.

Source: CTIA Day One End of Day Keynote From Last Night Part 3: Phillip Humm