Our last keynote speaker before our final wrap-up piece was Ralph de la Vega, the President and CEO of AT&T Mobility. AT&T touted their Digital Life concept amongst other things. Here's the summary:
  • Mr. de la Vega bragged about AT&T's superior 4G LTE speed compared to anyone. (Of course everyone laughed because of the T-Mo commercial.)
  • He spent a lot of time discussing AT&T's Digital Life. It's an all digital home security and control system that will perform a multitude of tasks. It can handle everything from turning your thermostat up when you get home to locking your doors and turning your porch lights off/on when you schedule it.
  • Supposedly, you can monitor everything in your home/business and even your vehicle and boat. He explained that it's all digital and their isn't much equipment involved.
  • Apparently, they are really betting this is going to take off because of how it keeps you in touch with everything remotely. Mr. de la Vega reiterated that the possibilities are endless.
That's it for the individual keynotes. It's interesting to see what each one of the different CEOs were focusing on.

We will have one more article with a wrap-up quick summary of the roundtable keynote from the major carriers.

Source: CTIA Day One End of Day Keynote From Last Night Part 4: Ralph de la Vega