Here's the final wrap up from the keynote roundtable discussion last night between the four largest U.S. carriers. The big focus was that they all talked about the future of LTE. They pretty much described it as the future happening now. They are all throwing their resources into making their networks better than the rest.
  • Mr. Humm believes that gaining customer support by offering more value for the money is a better option than taking away features to make plans cheaper.
  • Mr. de la Vega mentioned that Mobile payments are a big part of the future, and that he believes it will be everywhere.
  • Mr. Hesse is big on safety, security and privacy, and security again!
  • Mr. Mead wants consumers to be able to realize the full potential of LTE and maximize their advantage.
LTE was very heavily stressed amongst them all. It's a battle for the fastest and most reliable. They also emphasized how they want to improve their relationships with their customers. Overall, it was interesting, informative and sometimes even entertaining.

Shout out a big thanks to "cereal killer" and our ground crew for all the information they gathered so far! Nice job! We still have more stuff coming throughout the day, so stay tuned!