We have another series of CTIA keynote articles for you guys today. These are from this morning's keynote speeches. The first one we have up is from Gary Kovas. He is the CEO of Mozilla (the company that makes Firefox, in case you were wondering). Mr. Kovas spoke at the mobile conference because his company has seen the writing on the wall that mobile devices are the wave of the future for the internet. And, just in case you weren't too sure you agree with that statement, Mr. Kovas shares a number of interesting statistics regarding the relationship between mobile devices and the internet. Here's a breakdown in regards to mobile browsing and apps:
  • In 2002 there were 18 Million websites. Today, in 2012, there are over 200 Million websites, and 50% of them are already on mobile web apps and services.
  • People spend four times more time browsing the web on their mobile device than they did two years ago.
  • Currently, 64% of mobile users are using mobile apps.
  • Of all the top app downloads, 86% of them are using "Webview" to access the web indirectly from within the app.

Mr. Kovas elaborated on the importance of the web and mobile devices and went into detail regarding HTML5. He called HTML5, "the language of the world." He shared estimates suggesting that by 2016, over two Billion people will be using HTML5 in some way on the web. Mr. Kovas also stated that 3 Million developers are already working on HTML5 projects currently.

Finally, Mr. Kovas wrapped up by saying, "I put my money on the web." He shared that it will continue to grow and his company plans to be able to support 5 Billion people on the web.

Source: CTIA Day Two Morning Keynote Part 1: Gary Kovas - CEO of Mozilla