Here's a pic of the LG Optimus 3D Max. According to "cereal killer" it wasn't as impressive as the Optimus 4X HD. Here's a quote from him:

Wasn't too crazy about the 3D Max. Screen colors seemed "off" and a little washed out. Viewing content in 3D while amazing just doesn't work for me. More personal opinion: I just can't see the value in 3D. After you show your friends how cool it looks it's just not practical for everyday use. There are options to view all your content normally but the screen is just not up to par with what is out and/or coming out.
What do you guys think? Do you share his opinion on 3D phones? Are they just a passing fad?

Also, if you are wondering about the strange purplish tint to the picture, it wasn't a camera flaw. Apparently, the showroom floor had multi-colored lights which bathed everything in that area in a distracting purple hue.

Source: CTIA Day Two Pics: LG Optimus 3D Max