I will leave it up to you guys to decide if this is just a convenient excuse or a valid argument. Samsung has come forward to address disappointment that the new Samsung Galaxy S III will still feature a PenTile Matrix, instead of a Super AMOLED Plus display. They shared that it was a conscious choice that was in the best interest of the consumer. Apparently, they chose the PenTile display because it lasts longer without degradation than their own Super AMOLED Plus display. Here's a quote with a few more details,

Samsung states that Super AMOLED Plus displays have a tendency to deteriorate over time, especially the blue subpixels, which actually degrade the fastest. Since PenTile displays feature fewer blue subpixels, they will last longer, says Samsung. Also, since the pixel density of the S IIIís screen is much higher due to its high resolution, the PenTile issues are minimized and most people cannot see the difference in quality.
So, does this change your opinion about the SGS3? Did it even matter to you to begin with?

To make things even more interesting, we've decided to turn this into a poll. Make your vote as to whether you are excited by the new Galaxy S3, you hate the new SGS3, you are ambivalent about it, or you will have to wait to see it before you make a decision.

Source: TalkAndroid