We got a first hand demo of Liquipel's amazing waterproof coating at CTIA 2012. We came away shocked and impressed at the protection this technology offers. I can personally verify this iPhone used in this demo was still functioning properly later that day/night (6 hours later.) We received a piece of tissue paper treated with Liquipel after the demo to take home with us. Sure enough, what we saw, is what we got. The tissue paper actually cradled water as I filled it up. It's truly incredible.

The coating last's a lifetime, and we'd have to say at $59.99 it's a steal. For those wondering how long you will have to go without your handset, you'd be looking at approximately one week. As soon as they receive your handset they will apply the coating and send it out the next day. Has anyone sent in their handset already or looking to do so after seeing this demo? Let us know. Enjoy!!