We've heard several rumors over the past few months about a potential Google Branded tablet. Most "rumint" pegs the new tablet to be an inexpensive 7-inch device, likely built by Asus, and designed to compete at the same pricing level as the Amazon Kindle Fire. Today's gathered intel suggests that Google may also be working with Samsung on a future higher-end branded tablet, and that it will likely be the first tablet to come with the "Nexus" name, even though it will be the second Google tablet. Here's a quote with a few more details,

This next generation Nexus tablet has been tipped today via Google’s source codes being worked on by Google and Samsung, kernel codes being shown off as working with Samsung’s Exynos processors. This tablet has been tipped as having a Exynos 5250 (Dual core A15) and Mali T-604 graphics clocked at up to 533mhz (codename: vithar). Tipster Rawat lets us know the following information as well, as discovered in his exploration of the codes at hand:

“From poking around the kernel commits, the device they’re working on together features an Exynos 5250 (Dual core A15), with Mali T-604 graphics clocked at up to 533mhz (codename: vithar). For reference, the Mali 400 found in Galaxy S II / Exynos 4210 is clocked at upto 266mhz. SGS III and Exynos 4412 feature a Mali 400 clocked higher, and _that_ GPU comes top of the smartphone benchmarks besting even the iPhone 4S, so this should be much better.” – Rawat
Hmmm... this looks intriguing. It's important to note, it is possible the previously rumored cheaper Google tablet may turn out to be false, and that this will be the real & only first Google Nexus tablet. We will keep you guys in the loop as we find out more.

Source: SlashGear