Sometimes you might be in the mood for a game that requires visceral action to get your adrenaline going, or perhaps occasionally you may want a game that engages your mind on a complex and strategic level. However, sometimes you may want a game to help you unwind and relax, and we found an intriguing title that does exactly that. This little indie title called Osmos HD is based upon a serene and relaxing premise. That is something not found too often in gaming.

The concept is simple. You guide your little "mote" around the vast emptiness of the cosmos and absorb other smaller lifeforms without being absorbed by the ones that are larger than you. As you absorb other motes, you grow larger and can then absorb motes that were once larger than you. However, in order to change directions and repel other larger lifeforms, you must eject some of your own matter, causing you to shrink. This makes for a unique dynamic that creates a challenge, but doesn't overwhelm the player. The interesting physics and electronic ambient music of the game add even more value to the very creative idea.

The game has won numerous awards, and has a 5 star rating on the Google Play Store. There is even a free demo to try it out.

Source: Google Play Store - Osmos HD