Are you planning on traveling, but you just don't want to miss that new episode of "Game of Thrones?" In the past your only option was to whip out your handy-dandy Android phone, and fire up HBO Go to catch it, but if you wanted to do it on a tablet, you were out of luck. Very soon that will no longer be the case. Not too long ago, HBO Go got an upgrade that allowed it to work on Ice Cream Sandwich, and an even newer update coming soon will allow it to function properly on Android tablets as well. Soon enough you won't have to watch your favorite HBO series on a tiny little smartphone screen, and drain your phone's battery. You can whip out your Galaxy Tab or your T-Prime and enjoy the action/drama without missing any details. In fact, if you hold it really close to your face, you might feel like you are actually at the movie theater!

(Okay, maybe not, but it makes for a funny mental image. )

Keep in mind that there is one caveat, however; you still have to have a subscription to HBO Go through your cable or satellite provider.

Source: CNET