Here's an interesting little tidbit of info that we missed a couple of days ago. It seems that Samsung has several devices with a wide variety of names coming in the future. According to reports, Samsung just filed for six new patents for Galaxy devices, with a wide assortment of interesting names. Several of these names are evocative of the Olympics, which is not surprising since Samsung's own Galaxy S III is the official smartphone of the London 2012 Olympic Games. These new names would suggest that some of these devices will be coming out this year. Here's a list of the names:
  • Galaxy Lunge (Serial No. 85621870)
  • Galaxy Forge (Serial No. 8561866)
  • Galaxy Wield (Serial No. 85621864)
  • Galaxy Mission (Serial No. 85621859)
  • Galaxy Rivet (Serial No. 85621854)
  • Galaxy Victory (Serial No. 85621853)

Sound off what you think these devices might be, and what you think of the interesting name choices.

Source: Fusible