Samsung continues to push all the latest and greatest tech into the Android mobile space. From flexible screens to 4 gigabit 20 nanometer low power DDR2 memory. Wait, what was that? A 4GB gobble gobble choo choo train? Essentially yes. The new chip would be a small, low power, screaming fast 2GB RAM chip for mobile phones. Most high end smartphones today are running with 1GB RAM and the question "how will it impact battery life?" will inevitably come up. According to the South Korean Company that will not be an issue, quite the opposite actually. Samsung claims the next crop of devices will have even better battery life. When asked what the extra memory will do, they responded "it will help the market to deliver advanced devices that are faster, lighter and provide longer battery life than today's mobile devices."

Sounds good to us. Faster, lighter, better battery life? We're sold. The new chip is reportedly 20% thinner than previous 2GB offerings, which in turn will allow handset manufacturers to continue producing very sleek and slender devices. Samsung says the new chip will begin shipping later this year, which means we could potentially see handsets sporting the new RAM by the end of the year, but you shouldn't hold your breath. Getting the chip into hardware and testing takes some time, so a more realistic timeframe would be early 2103, but we sure would like to be proven wrong.

Source and image: Endgadget