T-Mobile has teamed up with Dell to announce the Dell Streak 7 touting it as it's first 4G Tablet. You can debate all day whether the HSPA+ protocol/network classifies as 4G but it's still an exciting announcement. Our personal take is that you can't have too many tablets released... competition breeds excellence and great prices and that's good for the consumer.

The Dell Streak 7 features Android 2.2 (FroYo), Dual Core Tegra-2 Processors, 7" WVGA Display (Gorilla Glass) and HSPA+ 4G capability.

While the hardware is decent and the manufacturer certainly has a reputation for good hardware (though, not necessarily in the Android world) - we are left a little bit frustrated that the tablet won't feature Honeycomb (Android 3.0) at release time. With all the tablets coming out it's going to be hard to differentiate yourself from the pack if you are offering an OS that's a major version behind.

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(Source: BGR)