On the heels of Motorola's ICS update schedule HTC has followed suit and has provided their timeline showing approximately when it expects each of its handsets to be upgraded to the delicious tasting treat known as Ice Cream Sandwich. The Taiwanese company has said that a majority of it's handsets will upgraded in June and July with the rollout expected to be completed in August. The list of devices to be upgraded are as follows:

  • Amaze 4G: May-June
  • Desire S: June-July
  • Desire HD: July-August
  • DROID Incredible 2: To be determined, but coming by the end of August
  • EVO 3D: June-July
  • EVO 4G+: May-June
  • EVO Design 4G: June-July
  • Incredible S: June-July
  • Sensation: March-June
  • Sensation 4G: March-June
  • Sensation XE: March-June
  • Sensation XL: April-June
  • Rezound: June-July
  • Rhyme: June-July
  • ThunderBolt: July-August
  • Velocity 4G: March-June
  • Vivid: March-June

Wondering why your handset is not on the list? The company explained that devices with 512MB of RAM or less won't be upgraded. So there it is, and while no exact dates were given, the timeline will have to suffice. It is better than not knowing anything right?

Via: Phonedog