It would appear that Google is playing it smart by being proactive with future patents on their Project Glass/Google Goggles. Google just garnered four patents related to the "pseudo-cyber-wear shades" from the USPTO. Here's a quote from PhoneArena with some additional details,

The Mountain View based tech giant now can claim the rights to the design of the right side of the device which is where the camera drops down over the eye. It is also where the the important electronics are housed. Also patented is the nose-pad sensor that uses technology to know when it is in contact with a nose. Another patent protects the display on the screen showing range and the direction of ambient sounds. Lastly, Google now has a patent on using each eye piece as a separate display. The illustration of the patent shows a map in one eye piece with navigation in the other.

The four patents are dated May 22nd and the nose bridge sensor has been given patent number 8,184,067. Patent D660,341 is for a wearable display device section. The patent for the ambient sound display is 8,183,997 and lastly, the patent for the separate eye displays is 8,184,068. While there are other moving parts to Google Glass, lining up these patents now is a major step in the right direction and could make it easier for Google to lock up further atents related to this device in the future.

It's nice to see a tech company planning for the inevitable future when patent trolls will come knocking on their door...

Source: PhoneArena