Blizzard's newest time-sink, Diablo III was just released last week, to a far bigger audience than the publisher anticipated. The game quickly became the fastest-selling PC game of all time. It sold 3.5 Million copies in the first 24 hours and then sold 6.3 Million in just a week. Because of this "reedonkulous" demand, Blizzard's servers were overloaded/overwhelmed, and there have been numerous problems with the launch. One of the biggest problems plaguing gamers is they have found it very difficult to figure out when a server for their particular area will be open enough for them to login.

Luckily, there is now a handy app on Android that comes to the rescue. The same developer, named Eluamous, that brought us the useful Android apps WoW Realm Checker and SWTOR Server Checker, has created a similar free app for Diablo III. It's called, simply enough, Diablo 3 Server Checker, and it does what the title implies... it helps you determine when a server in your area becomes available so that you can plan your schedule to login. It even has a useful little widget to go with it. Here are some links to the Google Play Store. Enjoy!

Source: Google Play Store - Diablo III Server Checker