Here is a follow-up piece to one we did earlier in the week. Previously, Acer posted on one of their Facebook pages that the shipment of their Olympic version of the Iconia A510 tablet was held up due to a faulty component. Since then, they have issued a retraction/correction. Apparently, the held up shipment had nothing to do with a faulty component, but was just a supply shortage. Here's a quote from their Facebook page with the official statement,

We are delighted by the great success of ICONIA TAB A510 in the global market. The sudden increase in global demand has unfortunately caused shortage in supplies. We are working on this and apologize for the delay in delivery of your product, but want to assure that this delay is not caused by faulty component in the ICONIA TAB A510 as we erroneously posted yesterday on one of our local facebook pages. Please be assured that every ICONIA TAB A510, available in stores has passed through strict tests to ensure best quality and user experience.
I wonder if the mistake was simply a misinformed and overzealous engineer? At any rate, it's good to see they are trying to get things back on track again.

Source: AcerTabletForum via Facebook Acer