We aren't exactly sure what to make of this or how to categorize it, because it seems to fit several molds at once, but it was intriguing enough to share. In fact, we could be seeing the first device of the future of personal computing... Apparently Asus is going to showcase a new product at Computex this year that amazingly attempts to "do it all." It's a tablet/PC hybrid, that also happens to dual-boot between Windows 8 and Android. It's called the Asus Transformer AiO. It's an 18.4-inch Android/Windows 8 dual-boot tablet that docks in a base station and morphs into a home PC.

The display itself is an 18.4-inch LED-backlit panel with 10-point multitouch support (although no resolution specs were given). Supposedly the device has a button that switches between Android mode and Windows 8 OS. Obviously a tablet of this size isn't the most portable option. Furthermore, there is some intel that it may actually only have a limited range from the base-station (which seems odd). Still, the concept is pretty noteworthy. What do you guys think?

Update: Here's a video of the Transformer AiO:

Source: SlashGear