The Android tablet browser software called Maxthon Mobile, from the company Maxthon, just received an update with some excellent new features. The company issued a press release detailing the most important upgrades. The Maxthon software now supports a "private mode" safe browsing feature amongst a few other tweaks. You can find out more details in the press release below:

SAN FRANCISCO, June 1, 2012 -- /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Maxthon (Welcome to Maxthon, Your Full-Featured Browser | Maxthon Browser), a global software and web services company, announces the release of Private Mode for Maxthon Mobile for Android tablets. Along with new upgrades, this version offers added convenience and customizable features. Users can download Maxthon Mobile for 10" Android tablets at

"Tablets are often shared devices amongst friends or between parents and children, which makes privacy all the more essential. With Private Mode, Maxthon offers an additional level of protection so users can surf the web with peace of mind and a host of innovative features," says Jeff Chen, CEO of Maxthon.

Additional new features for Maxthon for Tablets include:

Pull-down button in full screen mode
Multi-tab switch in full screen mode
New feedback system
"With Private Mode, we've taken a great browser and made it even better," says Karl Mattson, GM of Maxthon International/Chief of Product Development. "Tablets really make web content sing and our high performance, easy to use browsers make the same web even better. Add Private Mode and you get power and security." 

About Maxthon

Maxthon Ltd, a global software company, develops state-of-the-art Web browsers that regularly outperform other top browsers. Continuously setting new standards for innovation, speed and ease-of-use, Maxthon browsers are used each month by more than 130 million people in 140 countries around the world. Maxthon also brings its best-of-breed browsing to the Android and IOS platforms for mobile devices and tablet computers. Maxthon Ltd. has offices in San Francisco, Hong Kong and Beijing. For more information about Maxthon please visit Welcome to Maxthon, Your Full-Featured Browser | Maxthon Browser.

Download Maxthon Mobile for Android phones here:

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Download Maxthon Mobile for 10" Android tablets here:

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How many of you guys have either heard of or tried this browser? If you have, share in the thread what you think of it.