Some of you folks may remember the many Verizon launch date rumor fiascos we have experienced in the past. We have seen several different "solid launch date" quotes from internet sources, on a multitude of devices from the Droid Charge to the Galaxy Nexus. The rumored dates usually come and go keeping us all anxious and antsy, then ultimately, after causing weeks of hair-pulling frustration, they let us down.

Today, we have the potential beginnings of just such a rumor roller-coaster with the Samsung Galaxy S III. There is a new rumor floating that the SGS3 will be officially hitting Verizon store shelves on July 9th. The pre-orders for the Verizon SGS3 start on June 6th, which would put the July 9th ship date pretty far out. Additionally, AT&T and T-Mobile have indicated that their launch date for the phone will be June 21st. We must ask the question, why would VZW wait over two weeks after the other carriers to launch their version?

Still, stranger things have happened, and we felt it was worth it to give you guys a heads-up, if only so we can remind you to patiently observe instead of letting the rumor-mongering frenzy get you frazzled.

We will keep an eye on this one for you, but for now, stand by until we can get confirmation at some point.

Source: via Droid-Life