Oracle was just dealt another embarrassing blow when the same judge that ruled Google Inc was not infringing on any of their patents, ordered them to pay for Google's legal fee's. It's not like they didn't know that might actually become a reality, but they believed they had a case and pursued Google with a vengeance. If you remember , Oracle brought their suit to the court system three separate times. Judge William Alsup even accused Oracle outright of wasting the court's time. He said that Oracle could only bring the suit back the third time on the condition that Oracle repay Google any fees associated with coming back to court. Oracle was so sure it would win this lawsuit that they forged ahead and continued to pursue the lawsuit convinced they were in the right. How wrong they were.

Sometimes you just have to know when to walk away. The cost of those legal fee's came to over $300,000 according to Google spokesman Jim Prosser and that is not chump change folks. Oracle spokeswoman, Deborah Hellinger, declined to comment.

Source: Android Authority