Analyst IDC is at it again predicting the rise and fall of the major smartphone OS platforms. The IDC's table above shows how they think the smartphone market will evolve by 2016 and it is surprisingly showing Windows Phone, once again, topping market share. As you can see WP edges out iOS by a mere .2%, and Android drops a lot of marketshare but still keeps top honors. Senior Research Analyst, Ramon Llamas, at IDC's Mobile Phone Technology and Trends team said this about the forecast:
Underpinning the smartphone market is the constantly shifting OS landscape. Android will maintain leadership throughout our forecast, while others will gain more mobile operator partnerships (Apple) or currently find themselves in the midst of a major transition (BlackBerry and Windows Phone/Windows Mobile). What remains to be seen is how these different operating systems as well as others will define and shape the user experience beyond what we see today in order to attract new customers and encourage replacements.

We'd like to add that predicting these types of things is nothing more than guesswork, and there is nothing scientific about coming to these conclusions, but it makes for some good discussion among the fans of each OS. Is this table nothing more than somebody's fantasy, or does it hold some real truth? You decide.

Via: Windows Phone Forum