Last week we reported that the Korean version of the Samsung Galaxy S III would come with additional hardware specs beyond the other versions released world-wide. However, a new report seems to suggest that besides the Quad-Core chip and the 2GB of RAM on the Korean version of the phone, this version will also have a vastly different external design. As you can see from the pics above, the Korean version of the SGS3 will supposedly have squared edges instead of the rounded look of the rest of the versions distributed world-wide. Because of this squared design, it could also have a slightly larger screen as well.

Hmmm... this seems like a strange thing to do, but Samsung probably understands their customer-base in Korea well enough to make a decision like this. Still, from the looks of the pic, it is possible that either this will turn out to be just a rumor, or perhaps someone has mashed up a couple of rumors together. Maybe what we are seeing is simply another Galaxy Note device of some kind. Regardless, right now this is all just speculation, and we will remain skeptical until we see some confirmation.

Source: S3Forums via PhoneArena