Recently a tech-industry personality named Robert Scoble shared a rumor that Andy Rubin, the beloved creator and head honcho of Android at Google, would be leaving the company to lead a new startup called CloudCar. Obviously Android fans everywhere gasped in dismay at the thought of it. Luckily, Mr. Rubin has come forward himself via Twitter to dispel this rumor. Not only that, but Rubin explained in greater detail how this rumor came about via his own Google+ page. It seems that this new startup called CloudCar is owned by friends of his. Andy was simply kind enough to share some office space in his Los Altos startup incubator for them. Well, that's a relief.

On a quick sidebar, Mr. Rubin also shared in the same Tweet that Android is now up to 900,000 activations per day! That's up from 700,000 and the end of last year. It seems that there is no stopping the amazing momentum of the little green "Andy", and it also seems that the real-life Andy is going to stick by him!

Source: Twitter - Andy Rubin & Google+ - Andy Rubin & Google+ - Robert Scogle