A week or so ago we shared with you an interesting new startup idea called Chameleon that was being funded through the Kickstarter website. For those who missed it, the premise of Chameleon is to create an adaptive and customizable home screen for Android Tablets. Sadly, for those who were excited about this project, the Kickstarter funding for it has been shuttered temporarily. Apparently there was some drama with one of the people leaving the company. Here's a quote with the details,

The Chameleon homescreen's Kickstarter project has been unceremoniously canceled, as its Amazon payments account-holder has left the company. With no easy way to transfer over $50,000 of earmarked money, the makers were left with no choice but to reboot the project. A new project is set to go live later this week, so hold on to those investment dollars. Anyone who pledged funds to the first project won't be charged, but they will have to restate their interest on the new project page.
Perhaps the idea will live on in a new form soon. Share in the forums if you would still like to see this concept take flight.

Thanks for the tip, RobKort!

Source: Engadget