Take that in your pipe and smoke it, Apple! Google's Ice Cream Sandwich OS won the Gold Prize for best the platform experience at Parsons' 2012 User Experience Awards! Since Android came out it has obviously been the best mobile OS for utility and functionality, always showcasing more features and more useful features than it's competitors, like iOS. However, the one thing that Apple always did well with their OS was to refine the aesthetics and the design of the UI. Google's Android OS struggled to match this, arguably all the way up until about Gingerbread before it started to excel.

Google took things to a whole new level with Ice Cream Sandwich, though, and the results of this contest speak for themselves. Google's new focus on improving the design and user-friendliness of Android has really paid off, and at least for now, and in this particular contest, Android has finally bested the fruity alternative. It will be exciting to see what new improvements they make with Android 5.0! Congratulations Android!

Source: Google+ - Matias Duarte - Android OS UI Design Lead