LET'S GET REEAADDDYYYY TO RUUUMMMBLE!!!! Okay, so this was really more of a friendly comparison than a true grudge match, but going "thematic" made for a more interesting title to grab your attention. Samsung's S Voice personal assistant (running on a Galaxy S III of course), enters the battle arena to take on Apple's Siri personal assistant (running on the iPhone 4S). While each competitor makes the claim that their voice assistant is the best in the world, the fight was actually neck and neck, with each product/service equalling each other in almost every respect. A blogger with access to an SGS3 and an Apple iPhone 4S takes the time to film a video competition pitting Samsung's S Voice against Apple's Siri.

In the end, Samsung's S Voice ekes out a win in the match just barely because of one feature. The S Voice in the SGS3 was able to offer navigation in the userís home country of Sydney, Australia, which the iPhone is not capable of just yet. Even if you might concede that both personal voice assistant's are identical in quality and functionality, it's interesting to note just how similar they are to each other. I wonder how long it will take Apple to come up with a lawsuit for this?

Source: S3Forums via TalkAndroid