Here is both something we see often and something we don't see very often. Both Target and Amazon are having sales on the AT&T version of the Samsung Galaxy S III for just $149.99, (that's something we see quite often from these retailers). What is really strange about these specials is something we rarely see. These deals only apply to those who are upgrading their existing AT&T contracts. Normally, it's just the opposite. Retailers typically offer the larger discounts to customers signing up for a new contract, rather than a contract renewal. Interesting.

Also, it's probably worthwhile to note that both of these retailers are still offering a slight discount to those who nab the SGS3 on a new contract. They are selling the phone for $189.99 on a new contract, instead of the typical price of $199.99. It's only a savings of $10 bucks, but it's better than nothing. Be sure to hit up the source links below to grab yours. Enjoy!

Source: Amazon Wireless and Target