Sprint users who want to pick up the new Samsung Galaxy S III for a bargain price should check out Wirefly. The online retailer has the phone for preorder for only $179.99 on either a new or renewed contract. While Sprint's version of the phone, (like all the U.S. versions of the phone), will have 4G LTE, Sprint has yet to begin rolling out their LTE network to replace their WiMAX network. The new phone is obviously not compatible with WiMAX, so this will leave users unable to take advantage of the higher speed internet connection. However, Sprint does plan to begin rolling out their LTE within the next couple of months to the following areas, and will expand from there: Atlanta, Baltimore, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City and San Antonio. Here's a source link below to Wirefly if you want to preorder yours.

Source: S3Forums.com via Wirefly