An interesting video was posted up on YouTube that shows the assembly process of a typical Android tablet. An assembly line of mostly young chinese girls diligently build about 4000 AllWinner Boxchip A13 Android tablets a day. That's a pretty amazing number of tablets to crank out and that is just for a little $55 dollar tablet that most of us have never heard of and may never even see in the United States. Watching the video might make you appreciate your job a little bit more, (assuming you are not in a similar field) as it appears very somber and repetitive. It's amazing to see how young the workers are that design our gadgets, and you also get to see part of their "quality control" testing process. The girl banging on the desk is likely testing the microphone recording capabilities of the device.

It's easy to assume that robots assemble much of the technology in the world, and although that may be the case with some devices and more in the future, as this video shows, that is not actually the case with tablets currently. You can see more of these same types of videos at the source link below. Share your thoughts in the forums.