We’ve all seen the endless stream of Android apps aimed at competing with Siri, and like Siri itself, they often fail to deliver. We'd like to introduce the latest competitor known as Robin. Robin puts the focus on searching via voice while you’re behind the wheel. First off that's a good thing, right? Of course it is, but does it deliver? It does indeed. Robin is available in the Play Store for FREE, and if that isn't enough the app takes a very novel approach on how you input voice commands to commence a search query. You simply wave your hand above the phone, and voila, you are prompted by a pleasing female voice.

Some of the great features of Robin include:
  • Find everything from Movie Theaters to Gas Stations (the latter displays the price of gas on the map)
  • Telling Robin to navigate to the nearest point of interest automatically brings up Android’s built-in Navigation app
  • Provide traffic information, local weather and what the temps are like at your destination
  • Reminders
  • Read your Twitter Feed

The app is still in beta and it does have it's quirks (hand swipes not registering, not understanding voice commands), but as more users jump onboard and the bugs get worked out, Robin should prove to be an excellent app. It is a large download at 22 MB's but it's well worth the space. We'd love to see users feedback after using the app. Have fun!