For a while now we have heard rumors about Jelly Bean, Google's next OS for Android. Some rumors suggest that the OS will be Android 5.0 and will bring a slew of changes and enhancements commensurate with a full version number upgrade. Still other, (probably more accurate), rumors suggest that Jelly Bean will simply be Android 4.1 and will be an incremental evolutionary update instead of a full blown new OS version. Luckily, we won't have to wait long to find out because we will probably know something for sure next week as Google kicks off their I/O conference for this year.

Regardless of what features are changed or added to the new iteration of Android, we can't forget that Google might do some tinkering around with the UI a bit too. In fact, some folks over at PhanDroid have been spending some time staring at a new screenshot that came out of Google I/O press releases. They are speculating that because the Google Search bar is a bit translucent, that we might be seeing something from Jelly Bean. Now, they might be just letting their imaginations wander a bit, but we like the way they think, and appreciate the speculation.

What do you guys think? Could we be seeing a hint of Jelly Bean in the pic above?

Source: PhanDroid