The reviews are starting to pour in like a tidal wave, and the general consensus is that the new Samsung Galaxy S III is an amazing device. We thought it would be useful to you guys to have a "one stop shop" thread to find most of the reviews culled from around the web. For the most part everyone is gushing about the new phone, and the favorite features are the new software enhancements that Samsung has added to really make the SGS3 stand out. Still, not all the reviewers think the device is perfect, but of course, the hype was built up to a fever pitch for this one, so it was going to have a tough hill to climb. The main complaints were relegated toward TouchWiz and bloatware, and in a few cases reviewers were unimpressed by S Voice's lack of polish. Regardless, the SGS3 really takes things to a new level and seems to compete head-on with the iPhone and every other Android out there.

Some of the reviews we found were quite long and detailed, while others were quick and efficient with their impressions. Because there were so many reviews, rather than list the individual impressions of each review site, we will just share a link to the review and which site it was from. Enjoy!

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