Trends are fickle and fairly unpredictable sometimes, but once they get started, it seems like everyone wants to join in on the action. A new case in point is "voice activated assistants" ala Siri from the Apple iPhone. Of course, Apple didn't invent the idea, or even get it started, but they did popularize it. Now it seems like new competitors are popping out of the wood-work left and right to get a piece of the "Jarvis-style" device pie. The most notable that we have heard about recently are Samsung's "S Voice," (which has been described as a little buggy), and Google's "Majel" (which will likely become the most powerful and useful competitor to Siri). Now a new "virtual voice assistant" is joining the circus. LG has announced that they intend to create a new "voice assistant" too. The call it "Quick Voice."

This new product/service will launch later this month in Korea with limited functionality at first. Here's a quote with a few more details,

It will only have access to 11 apps including email, phone and calendar, though it will also be able to search the web for weather, stock quotes and other information. Quick Voice will arrive in a software update on the Optimus Vu ”phablet” this month, and will be added to the Optimus LTE 2 in July.
Source: BGR