Tablet users who also utilize TiVo might be excited to hear that the recording service has just released an app for your Android tablet. Now you can turn your Android tablet into a TiVo remote and more! Here's a quote with the press release directly from TiVo's blog:

The TiVo App for Android tablets is officially here! Now you can search, browse, explore and share comments about your favorite TV show or movie without interrupting what you’re already watching on your TiVo® DVR.

Features of the App Include:

Guide – Find what’s on in an instant by channel, date and time without interrupting the show you’re watching. From here you can schedule a recording, add shows to your Season Pass recordings, or start playing a show if it’s currently on.

Search – Looking for something specific? Search for a show or movie by title and get results from TV and the web. When you find something that looks interesting, you can order a movie from here or schedule a recording—all with the simple press of a button.

Info – Call up information about a show in seconds and see all relevant details at a glance in Info. From here, you can order a Season Pass recording, explore the cast and crew, and see which online partners deliver the show.

Info (Actor) – Interested in an actor appearing in the show you’re watching? Dig deeper into that actor’s entire career with a single tap. See what other shows and movies they’ve appeared in and record a show or order a movie from here.

My Shows – Check in on what you’ve got waiting in your own personal entertainment lineup in My Shows. Not only can you sort by date and title, you can monitor your available recording capacity with the handy disk space meter.

Season Pass Manager – Prioritize and edit your Season Pass recordings with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality in Season Pass Manager.

Remote – Take total control of your entertainment with your choice of two great TiVo remote control options: a full-scale replica of a classic TiVo remote or an intuitive, gesture-based remote control.

The TiVo app is also available for iOS and Android mobile phones. To learn more visit or download the app now.

*TiVo Series3™, HD and HD XL DVR users will enjoy the app’s guide, scheduling, remote control, search and explore features, but these users should anticipate a smaller set of features and capabilities than TiVo Premiere users.
Source: TiVo Blog