Previously, we shared a story with you guys that Samsung is likely to create a specialized and enhanced version of their Galaxy S III for their home-turf in Korea. The previous report suggested that the tablet will marry the quad-core chip of the international GSM version with the 2GB in the North American version. According to a new report, this new variant ups the ante even further. Supposedly, this enhanced version of the SGS3 will also include an LTE modem.

Apparently, it isn't that Samsung has solved the quad-core and LTE radios problems on the same chip. Instead, they figured out a sneaky way to bypass the problem altogether by squeezing a separate LTE modem into the phone that isn't integrated into the CPU. Their "fix" supposedly eliminates the interference issues, and only adds a little bit extra girth to the phone, moving it to 9mm in thickness. This new version will come a bit later, as the 3G version of the device is just now becoming available in Korea today.

Source: S3Forums via The Verge